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Special Event: Christmas Apple Bouquet

A Special Christmas Gift for Him/Her🎁

"You are the apple of my eye". It is a tradition of Chinese people to give each other apple as a gift on Christmas eve. For the apple's homophonic meaning of peace and safe in our language, boys and girls prepare it as a gift to represent their love and affection, family members gift apples as a token of blessings. As Christmas is upon us, we have received a very special request from a girl who's studying in Australia. She asked us to prepare a gift-wrapped-apple and send it to a boy in Toronto on her behalf. She said although he is not her boyfriend, she wants to send this present because she wishes him a happy holiday. Her love is not selfish but selfless. She does not pursue an acquisition of his remote affection, she'd rather wish on his happiness and well-being. This is a true story,

while you can see this illustration here, drawn by the girl and she gave it to us for we can use it as a prototype for her present to the boy. We have reached out

to Ballon Pug, who has perfectly fulfilled her design; the red apple symbolizes passion while the black, yarned net acts as a lowkey and subtle companion. It is a representation of mutual love and care, with the gift giver's sincerest wishes. Bonbon Creative Studio Inc. and Ballon Pug are working at our best to endorse the precious affections, in a variety of forms.

Presented by:

Bonbon Creative Studio x Balloon Pug

Designed by:

Qianwen Song x Katherine Ren

© 2020 BONBON CREATIVE STUDIO INC. All rights reserved.

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